10 Tips to Overcome Shyness Instantly (continued)

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6. Don’t rush to snap judgments, give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

This is easy to do. That guy looks like an ass, she looks like a bitch. Who knows, maybe they are, but you’ll never know will you? Conversely, if it’s that guy with the huge dilated pupils and hunting knife

7. Don’t allow others to speak for you, in social or business situations.

This is easy to do, so stop it now and don’t let it happen anymore. Even if the pattern has been established, break it by speaking your mind, giving your opinion, raising your hand when you have to go tinkle instead of hoping somebody asks you if you need to go potty. Seriously, nobody but you should speak for you. Ever.

8. Avoid criticizing yourself, even if you mess up.

Its easy to go home defeated and wallow in self-loathing after you made a complete idiot out of yourself, but don’t make me quote Mark Twain again here! It’s not the end of the world, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on a wiser person. Learn from it and move on.

9. Remember what worked after a good conversation.

A good conversation, how did that happen? Be sure to take note of what worked, was it your charm, your wit, your imported black market Kimono Dragon Pheromone spray?

10. Talk to people you enjoy, avoid people who make you feel negative about yourself.

This is pretty self-explanatory. If somebody makes you feel like crap, avoid them like you’d avoid …a piece of crap. Negative people aren’t worth the time of day, they’ll only drain you. Talk to people who are interesting, laugh easily, and make you laugh. People who float your boat. Once you find one, you’ll begin finding similar characteristics in others; once you identify them you’ll feel instantly more at ease.

11. (I don’t count so good) Don’t focus on yourself.

When entering into conversation, or even just saying hello, the worst thing you can do is think about how nervous you are, or about what stupid thing you’re about to say. Stick a finger in that critical eye, and focus on the other person. Be like George Bush; don’t think – speak.