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By: Osman A – 1 week 3 days​ ago

So you’ve started a blog, written a bunch of awesome articles…and it’s finally hit you. You have NO TRAFFIC. Trust me don’t panic! I remember when I started out and was at this stage I began to lose hope because I had put almost 6 months of blood, sweat, and tears into my blog and I had literally no readers.

I’m going to tell you what I would have told my rookie blogger self. Being a new blogger you can’t expect to get hundreds off thousands of readers per day in traffic in your first month, your first year or even your second year. A small trickle turns into a waterfall and you have to be patient. If you open a small mom and pop store besides Wal-Mart you can’t expect to get the same foot traffic as Wal-Mart. This same rule applies to blogging.

So being the new blogger you are it’s important that instead of dreaming you set a realistic milestone you can work towards. I feel 1000 visitors a day is that milestone. I still remember when I hit my first 1000 visitor day I was PUMPED. I remember literally jumping up and down because it was just amazing to me that 1000 “real-life” people had read articles I had written. You can get there too :)

With that in mind, here are a few great ways to build a stream of 1000 visitors per day to your blog:

  1. Create Content That Delivers Value

This is, by far, the best method you can use to generate 1000 visitors per day to your blog. If you want people to come to your website, you need to offer them a reason to do so. They come to you because you have the knowledge to offer, and your content should reflect that. As long as you create quality content, you can always generate a lot of traffic to your blog. Create amazing content, make it unique, insightful and meaningful. Sometimes it will be difficult and you will get writer’s block but keep trying and persevere. Content is KING.

You must study your audience, see what they like and write content based on that. It might seem challenging at first, but it’s not impossible. There will be issues to overcome, true, but if you work hard to achieve your goals, you will see that nothing is impossible. Try to stay committed to your audience, focus on results and the experience will be a very rewarding one.

Aim to create long in-depth articles. These longer deep cut articles provide better value for your visitors while also having a better chance of ranking high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). For example, if you write a very high-level simple article like “How To Garden” that is only 800 or so words with very basic common sense tips it is very likely your article will not do well. This article won’t add much value to the lives of your readers and it will very likely not rank well on Google or Bing. Instead of this if you write an article titled “How to professionally plant coriander” and spend 1500+ words to expertly explain this niche topic in detail you will have a much easier chance of ranking on the SERPs. This type of article is very likely to be unique from the thousands of other gardening articles on the web and make your article and blog stand out.

  1. Go Viral With Social Networks

Social Media is extremely important. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other major social networks can give you a huge boost to your audience. Sure, social media traffic is not always consistent; you could 100,000 visitors one day if your post goes viral and 0 the next but this is a good start to your goal of getting 1000 visitors per day to your blog.

Social Networks

Social media is great too for rapid exposure and to build a fan base but don’t necessarily expect Facebook or Twitter to send you consistent traffic, especially in the beginning. At the start, your goal should be to generate a buzz and use social media to simply get your name out there. In the short term, you will have readers visiting your site, regardless of how inconsistent, and in the long, term these backlinks and  you build will help your blogs SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will help you rank better on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

  1. Boost Your Content 3X Plus

We live in a multi-faceted web where users consume information through video, audio, text. So, when I hear that many bloggers even in this day and age think they can become hugely successful by simply posting word articles onto their blog it makes me feel bad for them. To survive in this new hyper-competitive Internet, space your blog must also be multi-faceted to truly thrive and start getting those 1000 visitors per day in blog traffic. Trust me it’s not too hard.

Most bloggers are writing constantly. So, what I’m here to tell you is that amazing 3000+ word article that you’ve written and posted onto your blog can be cloned into 3 more major forms of “content”. You should try doing this for each high-quality “cornerstone” article you write for your blog. For example say you write a text post titled: “35 Fashion Tips For Professional Men” you should now convert this post into:

  1. A YouTube Video which you link to your post as well as share on social media
  2. A Podcast Episode which you promote on your blog as well as social media
  3. A Slideshow which you share on SlideShare and professional networks such as LinkedIn

Trust me all this work will not be easy to do right off the bat, but in the long-term, the results will be very rewarding. If you can be consistent in your posting of high-quality material you can forget 1000 visitors to your blog and start focusing on 10,000 to 100,000 to 1,000,000 visitors coming to your blog every day!

  1. Do A LOT Of Guest Posting

I know it’s tough to do. You write an amazing article and after you finish you’d much rather use it for your blog then give it to a more established blog who is your direct competitor. Trust me been there, done that. But what I’ve learned over the years is that guest posting is extremely important. Guest posting on other blogs and websites give your blog the much-needed exposure it needs. You should think of guest posts like referrals/billboards.

By writing really high-quality guest posts you tell the all the users that visit the more established blog you are writing for, that you also have a blog which hosts a lot of high-quality content. This helps to start growing your identity online and helps your blog begin to gain notoriety. At the same time if you can secure a link back to your blog in exchange for writing a guest post. The link in the online world works as a positive referral to search engine spiders. So in other words with this link, the established blog communicates to search engine engines that “Hey, I felt this is a pretty good blog so I’m linking to it”. If the blog or website has a high authority (ex. Forbes.com, Technorati.com) search engine spiders will see this link as a positive ranking signal and your chances of ranking higher on SERPs for the keywords you are targeting will go higher.

TIP: A good rule of thumb states that in the beginning, you should try to do guest posting no matter how small around two times per week. This will start getting your blogs name out there so much so that one day when you considerably more traffic than the 1000 visitors per day to your blog you want now, and new bloggers want to guest post on your blog!

  1. Start A Newsletter (Email List)

You’re going to see this one tip everywhere and it has become a bit cliché now. But a creating and maintaining a high-quality newsletter on your blog is extremely vital to getting blog traffic. I know when I started blogging I used to feel this was a waste of time. That if I had little to no blog traffic, why on earth would I waste time trying to get subscribers for a newsletter?

Long story short I learned over time this was a BIG mistake. Newsletters are extremely vital in generating recurring visitors to your blog. A newsletter keeps a visitor who is a fan of your work engaged with your blog for a long time after their first visit. You can send your subscribers updates about new posts, articles & stories and keep them in the loop. Another added benefit is that a newsletter list gives you a really direct sales channel to eventually funnel your products (eBooks, videos, podcasts etc.) into.

  1. Host A YouTube Webinar or Podcast

Some people like watching videos, some listening to audio and some reading. By catering to the tastes of a more diverse audience you are much more likely to attract a larger number of visitors to your blog. This is why I highly encourage that along with writing blog posts regularly you invest in some decent audio/video equipment and start recording episode 1 for your YouTube channel or your podcast (choose which ever option you are more comfortable with, in my opinion for beginners both paths are just as good for blog traffic). Webinars or podcasts are an excellent way to engage your audience and interact with them. A podcast gives a whole new dimension to your blog. It makes your blog content feel more authentic because your readers can associate a face with the words they are reading.

A high-quality podcast or webinar can do wonders for the text portion of your blog as well blog. It gives you another channel to get high-quality readers to your blog posts instead of relying only on Google and social media.

  1. Use Question And Answer Sites

You don’t hear this tip much but honestly in the start, QA websites like Quora and Answers.com are a very good spot to snatch readers for your blog. You have to simply answer questions relative to your blogging nice and plug your blog in the end of your answer, to redirect users to a more detailed answer. This can get you a significant amount of targeted traffic as well as a solid link to your blog.Plus QA sites are a good place for getting your blogs name out there and give your blog some authority in your particular niche.

Sure this is not the most graceful tip to get 1000 visitors per day to your blog. But in the beginning, you should be scrappy and resourceful. Just grind, grind and grind!

  1. Optimize Your Website

Sure, the best way to make sure that you can get around 1000 visitors per day on your blog is just to go ahead and write amazing content. But your website/blog also must be working properly so you can accommodate this amount of people. It will be quite challenging to do that right from the start so gradually keep tweaking your site as you got to keep it in top shape.

If you use WordPress for example, you can go ahead and install some plugins that will help you increase the website speed. Lazy Load, W3 Total Cache, Use Google Libraries, and WP Smush.it are some great examples in this regard, and you should consider giving them a shot. If you don’t use WordPress, you need to talk with your tech expert to further improve the website speed. It will not be easy to do that on your own, but the experience will be very rewarding in the end.

Also, I recommend you get a good web-host. If you got lured to signing up for one of those really cheap $ 1 a year web hosts you are probably due for an upgrade. Your website’s performance and overall optimization are ranking factors that search engines look at.

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In the end, these are some of the best methods to get 1000 readers consistently visiting your blog everyday day. Sure these tips aren’t very easy and this will take a LOT of work but Rome wasn’t built in a day. You might not get to 1000 visitors in your first week, month or even first year (it depends on your chosen blog niche). Just keep grinding and going at it! Best of luck!

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