Fixing the Issue of Coming Across As Shy

Working as a confidence and communication coach, many of my clients are shy and socially anxious people. Many of them verbalize to me big concerns about coming across as shy to others around them. They tell me that they get … Continue reading

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3 Habits Surprisingly Killing Your Productivity

Yesterday about 6:30 p.m. a gaping sense of panic set in. Did I send that article? Wait, did I finish that article? Hey, did I eat today? Why are the lights off? Did everyone leave? How did this happen to … Continue reading

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Win The Life Insurance Game: Do These 4 Things Before Getting Your Physical

As if acquiring life insurance wasn’t hectic enough, did you know that you might be required to get a physical exam? A licensed phlebotomist, nurse, or medical doctor will check your vitals: blood, urine, blood pressure, height, and weight. The … Continue reading

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How to Deal with Social Pressure and Follow Your Own Path

Sometimes your goals and behaviors, even though they make rational sense, will come into conflict with the way others would like you to act and live. When this happens, such people may try to make you conform using emotional tools … Continue reading

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How To Make Friends – 4 Sticking-Points That Limit Your Ability To Make Friends

How To Make Friends – How to go from having no friends, or bad friends, to have amazing friendships. Exclusive Content, Free Newsletter + Bonuses Here: http:…

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3 Powerful Steps to Stop Self-Doubt from Holding You Back in Life

Self-doubt can be a troubling and persuasive voice that holds you back. It holds you back from seizing your opportunities. It makes getting started or finishing things harder than they need to be. Sure, it can sometimes be useful as … Continue reading

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Nerd Making Friends (1st Day of College)

So it was the first day of school here at The University of Arizona so Ernie decided to step out of his shell and go make some friends. He hit it off pretty … the best documentary for understanding people,understanding … Continue reading

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BEST Conversation Topics: Learn How To Make Friends, Master Small Talk, and Social Skills

Find out how you can create social success, go to: Developing conversation skills is very important. You can learn conversat… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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The Middle Age Spread And How To Combat It

The reason so many people gain weight as they enter middle age is no mystery: if, as an example, you only eat 50 extra calories per day over a period of twenty years that you don’t burn off by exercising, … Continue reading

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How to Get Motivated After a Vacation

By Leo Babauta I open the door to my house after a long flight and drive home from the airport, and Eva and I and the kids throw our bags down and immediately want to go to sleep. We’re jetlagged, … Continue reading

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