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Developing your Conversation Skills

Pointer #4: Conversational Tetherball.

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Tetherball is played with two players. You need a pole, and a ball hung from a rope or tether. The players knock the ball back and forth. Conversation is very similar to this. In tetherball you try and win by hitting the ball so the other player misses it and it wraps around the pole. This can also happen in conversation. All the tips up to this point have been strategies to avoid getting the ball wrapped around the pole; this final one will keep it in the air for as long as you care to play. If just one person is a good conversationalist the game is on!

The Rules:

When they are talking, the tetherball is on their side you must do your part to spur them on.

  • Be an active, enthusiastic listener.
  • Be sure to smile and make eye contact
  • Make interested comments without interrupting
  • When they’re not talking, the tetherball is knocked back to you.

  • Ask more interesting questions.
  • While you were listening, you picked up some new topics from your conversation partner. Flesh these nuggets out; get more facts, opinions, stories, etc.

  • Give them something to work with in return.
  • Obviously you don’t need to spill your life story, some interesting bits of information about yourself will suffice. Keep the ball bouncing. Share some stories, drop some knowledge or trivia, tell a joke, make an astute observation.

These tips should to help improve your conversation skills dramatically. The more you apply and practice them, the more your conversation skills will improve.
Although there is a lot to work with here, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you are serious about improving your conversation skills, if you really want to improve quickly with dramatic and guaranteed results, I highly recommend you read some of our reviews. Conversation, small talk, confidence, shyness – everything is covered. Its the social oil your engine needs!