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The Incredible Progress of Daily Practice

By Leo Babauta Lately in my life, I’ve been repeatedly reminded of the power of practicing something regularly. Daily is best, I’ve learned, but several times a week works well too. You’d be surprised how much progress you can make … Continue reading

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Why Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Yea that’s exactly how I said it. Perfect practice makes perfect. I know you’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect,” but does it really? Great athletes preach this mantra to others to show them how they got to where they … Continue reading

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“Help” “Let’s call…”. (asking for assistance) English Conversation Practice.

(asking for assistance) and (giving suggestions “Let’s call…) Ouch! Help! What’s the matter? My…hurts! Let’s call … Monday Inspirational Mindset OR Monday Mindset? Can you help me choose the title for my new Monday Mindset vlogs? Here’s the full bog … Continue reading

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