The Difference Between Gossip and Small Talk

Gossip isn’t small talk!

The importance of eye contact

This is another common misunderstanding, and once again it’s the reason so many of us hate the idea of making small talk. Gossip might be fine if you’re a pre-pubescent girl spreading the big news about last nights game of spin the bottle, but it should end there. We’ve all encountered ‘gossip-heads’ in our lives, that person who hangs around talking to everybody, about everybody. Usually the subject matter isn’t even interesting. Be aware of these people, and beware not to become one.

Uninteresting Gossip-Head: Hey, I was sitting here when Rick and Jim walked in. Jim looked angry.’
You: Oh yeah, why?
Uninteresting Gossip-Head: I don’t know. Yesterday I was outside having a smoke and heard Jim talking to Sue.
You: Oh, really?
Uninteresting Gossip-Head: The other day I was getting a soda across the street and Sue was in there buying gum. Spearmint. Her Favorite. She got really drunk after work three months ago and had to take a cab home. John hailed it for her. He said she was really drunk.
You: Geez, is that the time?
Uninteresting Gossip-Head: Terry likes his toast lightly buttered, Mike doesn’t take sugar in his coffee, Margaret once rode in an elevator with….

This is followed by the sound of you, running for the hills.

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