Two Keys to Overcoming Shyness

The importance of eye contact

Have you ever been in this situation?

You’re surrounded by strangers. Interesting looking strangers; a cool guy, a happening girl. You want to spark up a conversation…but…somehow…you just can’t!

Words fail, your mind goes blank. You might even break into a nervous sweat, your hands begin visibly trembling. Instead of opening up the door to an interesting conversation, or possible even a lasting friendship or meaningful relationship, you clam up. And it kills you! You’re dying to speak, to mention something that just happened right in front of both of you, to ask for the time, to say anything just to break the ice and end your self-imposed vow of silence. You try with all your might, but your mind is a blank slate and now it’s too late. The moment has passed, they’ve moved on. You’ve now got plenty to say but nobody to say it to.

What is the key? What’s the big secret? What does everybody else seem to know but you?

There is no secret!

There are two things I can tell you right now that will save you a lot of heartache. (There are a lot more tips, more to follow.) Your first mistake was blowing the moment completely out of proportion. You took an ordinary situation and built it up in your head until there was no way out. By the end of the above scenario, if the person actually turned to you and spoke you probably would’ve blushed and blurted out something like this:

Seemingly Interesting Stranger: Hey, did you just see that three legged dog driving a giant cigar? What was that about?

You: Oh, um, yellow. He? I mean Hi. Geez, is that the time?

This is followed by the sound of you, running for the hills.

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