Two Keys to Overcoming Shyness (continued)

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Even just being able to identify this as an obstacle is a lightening of the load. Overcoming this fear is really a very simple task now that you know it exists. You have nothing to fear, ever. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter who’s standing beside you that you’d like to talk to. Is it the morning weatherman from your local news channel? It’s just a person! A man in a leather jacket? Also just a person!  A cute girl? Person! A knife wielding maniac? …I digress. Some of these people are nice and open to conversation, some are complete assholes, but they’re all just people. Imagine if the situation was reversed and you were standing on the corner, looking seemingly interesting, and hearing their thoughts. There would be humming and hawing rolling through that head, and fear! They’re afraid to speak to you!  Honestly, if you heard this you’d think they were crazy.  Fear is the first key. It might sound easier said than done, but it isn’t.

The second key is just as simple; have something to say. Preferably something to say that’s interesting, not lame small talk about the weather. Humor is your friend here. We’re not talking dumb one-liners, real spur of the moment humor. A lot of people consider small talk stupid, dull, moronic and redundant…and they’re usually right. How many times have you had to listen to meaningless blather like this:

Uninteresting Stranger: Sure it hot today, huh?
You: Sure is.
Uninteresting Stranger: Gonna be hot again tomorrow too.
You: Oh really?
Uninteresting Stranger: Yup. Real hot.
You: Hmmm.
Uninteresting Stranger: That’s right. At least as hot as today.
You: *unintelligible grunt*

Uninteresting Stranger: Always hot in the summer though, you can count on that.
You: Geez, is that the time?
Uninteresting Stranger: Yup, some time as yesterday, when it was just about as hot as this.

This is followed by the sound of you, running for the hills.

There, in a nutshell, are two important keys to overcoming shyness.