Why Humor Is Important to conversation

Humor is important to conversation, smiling lips

Using humor in conversations is a powerful tool, especially for the shy or less than confident speaker. It grabs the listener’s attention and creates a bond while displaying wit and intelligence. It also helps to relieve tension, lower anxiety and make anyone involved feel a little more relaxed. If you can make somebody laugh, you’ll both feel more comfortable. People like to hang around with people who make them laugh. You’ll feel less shy, and suddenly become more appealing and attractive as a conversation partner.

Some of us might feel like there isn’t a funny bone in our bodies. This is incorrect. Cross the arm or your choice in front of your chest. With your other hand, feel just above the point where your elbow bone juts out and there will be a small indentation, you’ll be able to feel a spongy little muscle in there. Now, whack that little muscle into a sharp corner or the edge of a table. The tingling pain you’re feeling now comes from smashing your humerus, aka: the funny bone. You were probably thinking we were about to delve into a detailed analysis of the healing effects of humor on the nervous system or something constructive and worthwhile, forget it! There’s enough boring clinical analysis deconstructing the nature of laughter without us wasting time with it. Besides, we’re not sucking up some government grant so we can hang around comedy clubs with a pie chart and a pitcher of Sangria. We’re too busy having fun.

Even if you don’t have anything funny to say, you can still show that you have a great sense of humor just by smiling, laughing, and enjoying yourself. People appreciate being appreciated, and humor is no exception. If you can smile you’ve just given positive encouragement. If you can laugh, you can make friends. Try and keep it real though, one fake laugh leads to a tangled web of fake laughs you’re going to have to keep up for the duration of the conversation. Even a fake smile begins to hurt after a short duration. Don’t lie laugh, just be yourself.

While you’re standing there laughing, make sure to pay attention and laugh at the right times. If you zone out during a long story and suddenly realize its over, don’t just start laughing. From past experience I can tell you that doesn’t always work out, unless a story about a bunch of kids involved in a horrible car crash can be considered funny. If you do happen to find this funny, maybe you should try not to laugh very often.